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(ns polygonization.test (:import (javax.swing JSlider JFrame JLabel JPanel)))
(defn panel []
(proxy [JPanel] [] (paintComponent [g] (proxy-super paintComponent g))))
(defn create-new-pane [content-panel]
(doto (JFrame.) (.setContentPane content-panel) (.setSize 200 200) (.show)))
(defn update-drawing [content-panel draw-fn]
(update-proxy content-panel {"paintComponent" (fn [t g] (.clearRect g 0 0 (.getWidth content-panel) (.getHeight content-panel)) (draw-fn g))})
(.repaint content-panel))
(defn offset-circle [x y r]
(let [offset (/ r 2)
adjust-x (- x offset)
adjust-y (- y offset)]
[adjust-x adjust-y r r]))
(defn point [x y]
(offset-circle x y 4))
(defn draw-point [g x y]
(apply (memfn drawOval x y w h) g (point x y)))
(defn draw-points [g points]
(doseq [point points] (apply draw-point g point)))
(defn draw-lines [g coord-pairs]
(doseq [[x1 y1 x2 y2] coord-pairs]
(.drawLine g x1 y1 x2 y2)))
(defn polygonalize-points [points]
(let [points-by-x (reverse (sort-by first points))
rightmost-point (first points-by-x)
rightmost-x (first rightmost-point)
rightmost-y (rightmost-point 1)
points-by-angle (cons (cons
(sort-by (fn [[x y]] (Math/atan (float (/ (- y rightmost-y) (- x rightmost-x)))))
(rest points-by-x)))
(partition 4 2 (flatten points-by-angle))))
(defn -main []
(let [my-panel (panel)
points [[10 10] [30 20] [100 120] [90 60] [95 19 ] [90 90] [25 195] [144 144]]]
(create-new-pane my-panel)
(update-drawing my-panel (fn [g]
(draw-lines g (polygonalize-points points))
(draw-points g (points))))))
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