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Level 1: Finding a Shared Key

Thanks to Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, the STARS can share secret messages that the CRABS will never crack. The STARS want to ensure that you can properly execute this process, so this is your chance to prove yourself as a promising agent. Agent Ocean will be training you.

Here is the information you have been briefed with:
Your super secret value is: 109306739515372000536684615587060142161
Agent Ocean's public value is: 54224788903180805177809934100426766384

from pwn import *
import sys
def readleak(resp, start, end):
return u32(resp[start:end])
def getAddStart(leak, find):
count = 0
while (count < 50):
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"next": ["node1","node2","node3"]

We're building interactive K12 Education materials that we will teach this summer (and beyond)


Goal for the day: A framework for educational materials to be gamified and an escape-room style unlock system

We're using URLs as the "flags"/"answers" that unlock the next lessons. i.e. might have 5 problems with various ed around it (including the best stuff online linked) and if you solve problem 1 you'll use the answer as a URL like which adds something to your inventory/history or just has the next lesson.


QUESTION: Are future student trajectories damaged by the quarantine?

DELIVERABLE: We will build virtualized STEAM curriculum that UD students will deliver online to middle schoolers this summer.

SCOPE: Have at least one interactive experience covering at least one appropriate topic.

DATA: Traditional pedagogical curriculum that needs adapting.

SKILLS: Empathy, kindness, web devs, minecraft?, child developmental models, curricular passion

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<div class="container">
<div class="led-box">
<div class="led-red on"></div>
<p>Red LED is <span class="status"></span></p>
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