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Created Oct 3, 2014
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Gulp build
gulp.task("build:html", function() {
var cssFilter = $.filter(path.styles.css);
var jsFilter = $.filter(path.scripts.distjs);
var gutil = require('gulp-load-utils')(['log']);
return gulp.src(path.html.rawBase)
.pipe($.useref.assets().on("error", gutil.log))
.pipe($.size({title: 'html'}));
gulp.task('build:css', function() {
return gulp.src(path.styles.css)
suffix: ".min",
gulp.task('build:rev', function () {
return gulp.src([path.styles.css, path.scripts.distjs])
.pipe(gulp.dest(path.dist)) // write rev'd assets to build dir
.pipe(gulp.dest(path.dist)); // write manifest to build dir
gulp.task('build', function (cb) {
runSequence('build:css', 'build:rev', ['build:html'], cb);
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