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Last active Jan 27, 2016
Keybase proof PGP

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am AnneTheAgile on github.
  • I am annetheagile ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is B29F D370 500E 63F9 937B 2B9B 6FB0 7974 4741 54C7

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View talk-battle-inv.yml
localhost ansible_connection=local
# no ssh needed with local ansi connection, aka -c local, but couldn't get cli to work.
View talk-battle-config-empty.yml
# Empty Battleschool config.yml.
#- playbook.yml
#- name: playbook.yml
# url:
View talk-battle-ansi-config
# FILE: talk-battle-ansi-config
# README: Prepare a mac 10.9 machine for running battleschool by ensuring a config file/folder exists.
# USAGE: $ ansible-playbook -i ansinv ansiboot.yml # Where ansinv= Your inventory file; ansiboot.yml= This script.
# $ curl -L THIS-URL > ~/.battleschool/config.yml # TIP-Bash-Curl: L: If location redirects, go there instead.
# $ ansible all -m ping # Test that the inventory file exists and ansible works with local host.
# $ ansible workstation -m ping -i ansinv # Test that the given inventory file contains 'workstation'.
# NEXT: $ battle --ask-sudo-pass --config-file=/Users/YOURUSER/.battleschool/config.yml # Config is created by this script.
# []TODO- Ansible-Battle; IDK why Tilde is not accepted to find path for config file - especially given it defaults ok.
View talk-battle-config-help-page.yml
cache_dir: ~/Library/Caches/battleschool
# Originally, SpencerGibb:
# 2014-08-15Fri Change to AnneTheAgile
# local:
# - playbook.yml
View talk-battle-playbook.yml
- hosts: workstation
# via
- name: print from playbook
debug: msg="in Examples ! playbooks/playbook.yml"
View Devops.CondaFromPypi
# Mac/64 version ansible 1.6.2
# 2014-06-04Wed15:18:02
# 2014-07-08Tue12:18:42 Add- create new env info
# What is there now?
$ conda info -e
aws-boto-ansible ~/anaconda/envs/aws-boto-ansible
root * ~/anaconda
View Python23_TextEdit
# HERE-NOW type of long long String with embedded CR's;
# REF:
from textwrap import wrap
msg = wrap("""WARNING: Your user files will be created in the directory
'%(new_base)s' you have chosen. To access these files, you will either have
to use the argument "-dir:%(new_base)s" every time....""" % locals(), width=76)
for line in msg:
print line