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An Invitation
OP Democracy Distro Invitation
Content (kindly read and *share*):
Greetings, I'm an Anonymous software engineer working with a small cell of
Anons. I have access to a revolutionary supply of children's books designed
to teach our future that, when they grow up, they need to fight against
injustice in this world to protect their community (link above). This cell is
well funded and we would like to use our assets to ship the book to places
where it does the most good. These gifts are donations; no one has to pay any
money -we got you. All that is needed is a reliable contact willing to handle
receiving the book and then able to pass them out to people in the area who
want them. This is a show of support from Anonymous, and we need your help to
make the last mile happen.
One of the problem's we've all noticed in our society is our media and our
governments sending us the message that free assembly and demonstration can be
met with force. This is not an acceptable message, and to that end, we have
developed this book to counteract such a perversion being contracted into our
Parents will like it, it may help them explain where they go when they leave
there children with a nanny to demonstrate at a protest where police are
expected to be violent. It also will help explain to our young what's
happening and non-violent demonstrations where police brutality is not expected
and where children can (AND SHOULD) be brought along.
Activists who have no children and are simply will enjoy seeing the work of art
and passing it around as though it were a very expensive pamphlet.
If you are able to assist, here is what needs to be done:
1) Find an address where the books can be shipped. This does not need to be
your own address, it can be a book store, library with a sympathetic staff
member, school, etc. It just has to be safe for you, and trustworthy for
2) Receive the book, take photos, make tweets, and let us know the book got
through w/e the fuck the NSA is doing with our mail systems, and also let
the world know that we're standing up for them every way we know how.
3) Bring the books right into a demonstration and share. Connect! This is a
massive scale #PdfTribute and we fucking love it!
Notes/ FAQ:
No one can *buy* this book with USD at the moment. It's being donated to
locations. If it is sold at a book store, the sales MUST go to a local charity
cause such as the rebuilding of shops in #Ferguson which the city allowed to
just burn away, and possibly even took part in the burning as a sick political
move against the dissidents in Ferguson. Anyway, the team is mostly moved on
and I don't have time to play 'merchant' at the moment for obvious reasons, so
I urge people if they like the idea, don't waste time filling out a purchase
order, get outside and revolt! And if you do make a purchase expect *MASSIVE*
delays in your order's processing.
Do you have PGP encrypted email account? Yes,
currently. Key ->
"How long? Not Long. Cause what you reap is what you sow."
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