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***** #PoemSec *****
--Fighting the establishment with creativity and thoughtful language
#PoemSec is a tweetstorm where poets prepare their poems to be shared via
twitter to everyone watching.
Our written works will likely be long, so we'll need to employ an easy to use
paste service, such as or to upload the text of
our poems. Once we have our artistic creations uploaded, we'll be able to link
to them in a tweet containing the hashtag #PoemSec.
#Poemsec will officially begin (around noon) on Saturday, Dec. 27th and last
INDEFINATELY! If you're feeling so inclined, don't hesitate to upload a
reading of your work under the tweetstrom. All presentations of poetic works
will be appreciated this coming Saturday.
* Goals of #PoemSec *
* Bring Poets together to unite against corruption
* Entertain a new following of both poets and affectoinados, an audience
watching #PoemSec
* Promote Activism
* Promote resistance against corruption
* Promote the art of language
*** How it works? ***
1) Write (or dig up) a poem of yours about issues activists are faced with.
2) Double check everything and get it ready for Saturday, Dec. 27th
3) Write a summary or have a friend assist you by writing a summary for your
poem which explains its meaning. Perhaps your summary will simply frame for
your audience what your work is about.
4) Paste your work along with your summary to and then copy it's
5) On #PoemSec day, paste your link into a tweet with the hashtag #PoemSec to
share your work with the world.
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