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//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import UIKit
var str = "Hello, playground"
fileprivate func _setDictionary( dict:inout [String: Any], value: Any, forKeys: ArraySlice<String>) {
guard forKeys.count > 1 else {
print("test2 \(forKeys) \(forKeys.count)")
dict[forKeys[0]] = value
if var subdict = dict[forKeys.first!] as? [String: Any] {
_setDictionary(dict: &subdict, value: value, forKeys: forKeys[1..<forKeys.count])
dict[forKeys.first!] = subdict
func setDictionary( dict:inout [String: Any], value: Any, forKey: String) {
let keypaths = forKey.components(separatedBy: ".")
_setDictionary(dict: &dict, value: value, forKeys: keypaths[0..<keypaths.count])
var tester = ["hahah": [
"fuck": "tsetest"
]] as [String: Any]
setDictionary(dict: &tester, value: "444", forKey: "")
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