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Last active Apr 1, 2021
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Samsung ML-2160 printer install on Arch Linux

How to install Samsung ML-2160 in Arch Linux

In order to use a USB connected Sasmung ML-2160 printer in Arch Linux you will need to first install the correct drivers. For this perticular printer the drivers are included in the samsung-unified-printer AUR package.

If you know what you are doing I recommend installing it using a AUR helper such as yay.

yay -S samsung-unified-driver-printer

With the drivers install you only need to add the printer to cups. However, this might be a bit difficult for the inexperienced. Instead I find it a lot easier to add a printer using a cups configuration tool such as the AUR package system-config-printer.

yay -S cups system-config-printer

With this tool you simply open the "print-settings" application and add the printer. If everything works as intended you should be able to select your printer using the print dialog in applications such as browsers and document viewers such as evince without problems.

If the system-config-printer utility says that it cannot connect to the print service you need to install and enable cups service.

sudo systemctl enable cups
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