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Anton Friberg AntonFriberg

  • Lund University, Axis Communications
  • Malmö, Sweden
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Last active May 13, 2020 — forked from kylemanna/
Minimal instructions for installing arch linux on an UEFI NVMe system with full system encryption using dm-crypt and luks
AntonFriberg /
Created Mar 11, 2020 — forked from JonasAlfredsson/
Make Cinnamon/Gnome respect the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file instead of ~/.config/displays.xml

Make Cinnamon/Gnome/Mate Respect xorg.conf

By default the Cinnamon/Gnome/Mate desktop environment loads its own display configuration from the file ~/.config/monitors.xml instead of using the settings defined in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. This can be a little bit annoying if you are using the nvidia-settings program to configure your displays (which will use xorg.conf), since anything entered there will be overridden by monitors.xml every reboot.

By doing the following changes we will disable the "Display Manager" in