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2011-04-20: Updated CM source (CM 7.0.0 final).
This release should finally fix the Market/APK install bug.
Removed LauncherPro.
Include CMWallpapers and ROM Manager again.
Fixed manual network selection bug (Tom G).
Discontinued Chinese input support.
Discontinued custom DT A2SD and Gapps, now recommended to use "vanilla" DT A2SD and Gapps.
ROM (2011-04-20):
Gapps (2011-03-07):
DT A2SD: ( Beta 04):
2011-04-03: Fixed Market FC'ing on app install (needs to be on /system).
Gapps (2011-04-03-pulse):
2011-04-02: Fixed Gapps/A2SD not working because of lack of space on /system.
Replaced ADW.Launcher with LauncherPro.
Added Chinese font support and Chinese input flashable zip.
Added Touchpal keyboard.
Added new OpenGL ES lib.
Moved GPS NTP server to Europe (faster GPS fix).
Changed boot animation to Android Scribble.
Tweaked build.prop settings.
Optimized updater-script, removed unnecessary files and scripts.
ROM (2011-04-02):
Gapps (2011-03-07-pulse):
DT A2SD: (
Chinese input support (CallaIME and Touchpal dictionary):
2011-03-25: Initial version (straight from CM7 source + Tom's fixed vold).
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