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ApexArray / PrusaSlicer Set EM rate by file
Last active March 3, 2024 22:33
PrusaSlicer: Set EM rate by file name (for Ellis' print tuning guide)

Set EM rates by file name


Ellis' Print Tuning Guide provides a great process for tuning Extrusion Multipler (EM), but I recently moved back to PrusaSlicer (RIP SuperSlicer) and I didn't want to print the objects one at a time (as suggested in the guide).

This script simplifies the process by automatically adjusting EM according to each file/object name.

ApexArray /
Last active November 21, 2021 10:21
Generate list of fasteners from FreeCAD files
Run with FreeCAD's bundled interpreter.
"C:/Program Files/FreeCAD 0.19/bin/python.exe"
from pathlib import Path
import re
import FreeCAD