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Created September 18, 2023 22:24
Below y-55 with no lava

In 1.18 there is a bug that forces lava to generate below either -55 or the sea level (whichever is lower), and the only ways to get around this up to this point required spamming features. This new method does not require this, and is 100% consistent.

The Holy Grail: Geodes

Geodes have interesting properties compared to other feature types.

  • Geodes can skip replacing certain blocks without the entire feature being terminated
  • Geodes dont have hardcoded checks like some other more restrictive features, the only check they do do is easily bypassed
  • The min/max distance from the center a geode generates is configurable (with min and max being separate fields)
  • Geodes can replace ALL blocks. Air, water, and lava included.