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@ApoorvaJ ApoorvaJ/daft.txt
Created Aug 9, 2017

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**Daft Func Spec**
Daft Func is a command-line tool for navigating, summarizing and refactoring C
code, with a primary focus on functions.
- List all functions in a file
- Show where a function is declared
- List all the functions a function calls
- List the places a function is called
- Rename function
- Change function args
- Add new args to the callers
- Remove old args from the callers
- Hoist code range out of function
- Merge function into code
daft <file>/<dir>
List functions in a dir or file, or if no file is specified, in the cwd.
daft <func>
Print function signature, decl & def location.
daft calls <func>/<file>/<dir>
List functions that a function calls.
If no function name is specified, this prints the call-graph in the cwd. If
one or more directory names or file names are specified, the call-graph is
printed only for these.
daft callers <func>/<file>/<dir>
List the places that a function is called.
If not a function name, inverted call graph is printed.
daft refactor <old_func> <new_func> <file>/<dir>
Refactors or renames functions. The args can be given in two ways:
1. Only function names as args
2. Entire function signatures in quotes (TODO: Handle multi-line signatures)
If a function signature refactor removes a param, that param will be auto-
deleted from all of the callers.
If params are added, the program will ask the user for the argument to be
passed in all the callers. This will be a simple token input that will be
added in the correct place in the function call.
(TODO: If params are changed - i.e. neither only added or removed - the
intent is ambiguous. Either disallow this - making the user define a change
as multiple removals/additions, or ignore type/name changes. Needs more
thought and an elegant solution.)
If a file/dir is specified, this refactor will only occur there. If not,
changes will occur in the cwd.
Advanced usage examples
CamelCase to snake_case
A simple python or bash wrapper can be written to change functions from
CamelCase to snake_case in an entire project. Steps:
Go to root directory of project
For each `file` recursively:
If file extension not .c or .h, continue
`daft <file>` to list functions
For each function `MyFunc`:
`daft refactor MyFunc my_func file`
Daily command-line use!
Editor extensions
Interactive call-graph viewer
- Variables and types unsupported. Can be added by expanding the cmd-line
surface area.
- Function pointers unsupported. Will have to be edited by hand.
- No preprocessing will be done before parsing. Can be done, but not worth it,
in my opinion.
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