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Created October 10, 2014 22:20
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Replaced assembly in code
00529444 55 PUSH EBP ; jump from ban check function, the hook for this code
00529445 56 PUSH ESI
00529446 36:817E 04 3F927>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESI+4],157C923F ; is current challenger the masterserver?
0052944E 74 43 JE SHORT iw3mp.00529493 ; if so, skip GUID auth and allow
00529450 BA 00000000 MOV EDX,0
00529455 36:803C2A 30 CMP BYTE PTR SS:[EDX+EBP],30 ; compare ASCII chars, must be between 30-39 and 61-66(0123456789abcdef)
0052945A 7C 21 JL SHORT iw3mp.0052947D
0052945C 36:803C2A 39 CMP BYTE PTR SS:[EDX+EBP],39
00529461 7F 02 JG SHORT iw3mp.00529465
00529463 EB 0E JMP SHORT iw3mp.00529473
00529465 36:803C2A 61 CMP BYTE PTR SS:[EDX+EBP],61
0052946A 7C 11 JL SHORT iw3mp.0052947D
0052946C 36:803C2A 66 CMP BYTE PTR SS:[EDX+EBP],66
00529471 7F 0A JG SHORT iw3mp.0052947D
00529473 83C2 01 ADD EDX,1 ; i++;
00529476 83FA 20 CMP EDX,20 ; if i == 32
00529479 74 0D JE SHORT iw3mp.00529488 ; valid client, continue checking bans
0052947B ^EB D8 JMP SHORT iw3mp.00529455 ; if we haven't looped through all 32 chars, jump back up
0052947D 57 PUSH EDI ; char out of valid ranges, send a "perm banned" message back to client and drop connection
0052947E B8 01000000 MOV EAX,1
00529483 ^E9 F7FEFFFF JMP iw3mp.0052937F
00529488 8BD1 MOV EDX,ECX ; regular client with valid GUID
0052948A 57 PUSH EDI
0052948B ^E9 F4FEFFFF JMP iw3mp.00529384
00529490 57 PUSH EDI ; master server, always returns 0 as it doesn't have any GUID
00529491 B8 00000000 MOV EAX,0
00529496 ^E9 E4FEFFFF JMP iw3mp.0052937F
0052949B 90 NOP ; not using any of the below stuff
0052949C 90 NOP
0052949D 90 NOP
0052949E 90 NOP
0052949F 90 NOP
005294A0 90 NOP
005294A1 90 NOP
005294A2 90 NOP
005294A3 90 NOP
005294A4 90 NOP
005294A5 90 NOP
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