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Arthur Minasyan ArtMin96

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ArtMin96 / AppImage.desktop
Last active June 9, 2024 09:54
How to register an AppImage as a desktop application in Linux
1. Download the `.AppImage` file and an icon you would like to register it with
2. Move the `.AppImage` file to the path `/bin`, e.g. `sudo mv ~/Downloads/Vemto.AppImage /bin/`
3. Make it executable with `sudo chmod +x /bin/Vemto.AppImage`
4. Save the icon under `/usr/share/icons/custom/vemto.png` e.g. `sudo mkdir --parents /usr/share/icons/custom && sudo mv ~/Downloads/vemto.png /usr/share/icons/custom/`
5. Create a `.desktop` file under `~/.local/share/applications/vemto.desktop`
6. Paste the following content into it (make sure to remove the comments):
[Desktop Entry]
ArtMin96 / WhereLike.php
Created November 25, 2021 07:29
whereLike macro with relationship
* Searching Eloquent models with Relations
* Example Post::whereLike(['name', 'text', '', ''], $searchTerm)->get();
Builder::macro('whereLike', function ($attributes, string $searchTerm) {
$this->where(function (Builder $query) use ($attributes, $searchTerm) {
foreach (\Arr::wrap($attributes) as $attribute) {
str_contains($attribute, '.'),