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Junhao Chen ArthurInTheShell

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./gradlew assembleRelease
adb install (apk) [under directory sdk/platform-tools]
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behaviour on android should be null to avoid conflicts
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cd android && ./gradlew clean && cd ../
ArthurInTheShell / gist:af85e030631c63a214c1497601078339
Created Jun 7, 2018
Fix some dependency problems in react native
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watchman watch-del-all
npm cache clean --force && npm install
clean the cache and reinstall all the packages
ArthurInTheShell / gist:577ce5a07d66e5b2ab430eb1697dbb18
Created Jun 7, 2018
Example of extending a Navigator in React Native
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In case you don't see the vital line 53, [flex:1] is very important
Thanks for Brent Vaten for this code.
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