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jQuery plugin to make elements draggable without jQuery UI. Usage: view source on
alternative to jQuery UI’s draggable
based on comments from:
usage example: $('.post-thumbnail, article header').draggable();
(function($) {
if (!jQuery().draggable) {
$.fn.draggable = function() {
.css('cursor', 'move')
.on('mousedown touchstart', function(e) {
var $dragged = $(this);
var x = $dragged.offset().left - e.pageX,
y = $dragged.offset().top - e.pageY,
z = $dragged.css('z-index');
if (!$.fn.draggable.stack) {
$.fn.draggable.stack = 999;
stack = $.fn.draggable.stack;
.on('mousemove.draggable touchmove.draggable', function(e) {
.css({'z-index': stack, 'transform': 'scale(1.1)', 'transition': 'transform .3s', 'bottom': 'auto', 'right': 'auto'})
left: x + e.pageX,
top: y + e.pageY
.find('a').one('click.draggable', function(e) {
.one('mouseup touchend touchcancel', function() {
$(this).off('mousemove.draggable touchmove.draggable click.draggable');
$dragged.css({'z-index': stack, 'transform': 'scale(1)'})
return this;

nice code, thnx alot for share it. one question:
often, u have a container div and many child div inside it, something like 'header','main', 'footer' and ...
is there a way to drag whole them (container and it's child) when drag one of them such as 'header' div ?


Not with this particular code I'm afraid, but it can be done.


This seems to work great. However, what the $.drags() did well was when dragging on a scaled div, the draggable div didn't expand. On this one it does while dragging. If that makes any sense.


how can I disable draggable.. i mean i want to enable it on click. and in the next click it should get disabled.

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