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Friday, November 3, 2017
ArtiseXplosion: It could be edited, but some of us would have to know how to do that. There's a program.
Maverick: it is quite hard I believe cause if that stage map can't be edited in the map editor, because it is compiled already and have to be decompiled in order to be edited which by it self is pretty miss match procedure. Genuenly it would be very easy if there is somewhere on the internet something like source code or project of the map
ArtiseXplosion: Alrighty then.
Maverick: you can ask Nojarq for more in depth details he is more into making maps
ArtiseXplosion: If needed, I will.
ArtiseXplosion: Yo boss, have you seen my list of maps that should be disbanded?
ArtiseXplosion: And also, the list of /maps in the server should be updated.
Maverick: sorry mate I saw it and did not act on that cause I study now, but I will do something about it today, do you think it would be better if I made a vote about that post on the front page on the forum
Maverick: so everyone can paricipate
Maverick: because at the end of the day when I remove those maps someone would imideatly tell we have way too little maps
ArtiseXplosion: Alright then. Please do not restrain yourself too much with it, study of yours is at the first place.
ArtiseXplosion: Same goes for me.
Maverick: I wish I had more time for the server but :(
ArtiseXplosion: Nah, it's fine. We didn't have much of players lately.
ArtiseXplosion: When we're free for it, we should have a talk about it.
ArtiseXplosion: The community should be expanded.
Maverick: nice,
Maverick: but how can that be when the game is not very popular anymore
ArtiseXplosion: Well, there are strong communities that actually succeded to maintain players even now.
Maverick: I think which is better one many boosts of the server cheapest one or one boost that will last one week
ArtiseXplosion: One of mine major suggestions would be to consider joining one peculiar community.
ArtiseXplosion: I was, and I'm still a member of one called Clarion. It is primary Ex/Yu community with mostly of members being from here (including me), but it also welcomes the players from around the world.
Maverick: sounds goood
Maverick: the name I mean
ArtiseXplosion: The positive side of it is that we would gain on players, and we could cooperate with others.
ArtiseXplosion: There are other benefits of that.
ArtiseXplosion: I can't really think up of cons from being in community, it really has pretty much only pros in it.
ArtiseXplosion: We just have to talk with the owners.
ArtiseXplosion: This is the link of the forum.
ArtiseXplosion: But of course, we should consider it firstly with the other members of our server/community.
Maverick: but joining in a community actually mean for the server it self maybe to change the name or what
ArtiseXplosion: Well, it will only gain prefix Clarion.
ArtiseXplosion: It would be called CLARION - Awesome Cars
ArtiseXplosion: And we should use their forum to open our subforum.
Maverick: soo it would be like free advertisment of some kind
ArtiseXplosion: But I think they would gain us plenty of autonomy.
ArtiseXplosion: Well, it's community. There might be some meeting ups at the Teamspeak considering what should be done about the community.
Maverick: soo its like team up
ArtiseXplosion: As I can speak Serbian (currenlty the mostly used language), I can participate in it.
ArtiseXplosion: And we might have more admins, as well as more players.
Maverick: they seem big
ArtiseXplosion: Yup, they are doing well.
ArtiseXplosion: Their ZM Army and Deathmatch are one of world-wide best.
ArtiseXplosion: I used to be admin on Biohazard mode in there, but it has been shut down.
Maverick: do you for other server that joined them like that
Maverick: or all of them are their own
ArtiseXplosion: Each of their own server has their own Head admin and his helpers and the ordinary admins.
Maverick: yea but do they accept such thing that we are thinking
ArtiseXplosion: They are advertising their own Community, as they part of it.
ArtiseXplosion: We might have to adapt in some rules of theirs, but they will respect what we're doing.
ArtiseXplosion: For example, ZM Army wasn't part of Clarion at the start, it simply joined.
Maverick: oow really
ArtiseXplosion: Before that, it was really popular server. It is even now.
ArtiseXplosion: It's full almost 24/7.
Maverick: okay
ArtiseXplosion: So, if you find this suggestion of mine good enough and others of us accept my idea, we could have a talk with the owners.
ArtiseXplosion: I really think it's better than being on our own, since we barely have players.
Maverick: well take your time to come up with that idea on the suggestion forum
Maverick: agree
Maverick: it would be better to be a part of something big
ArtiseXplosion: Their goal is to be one of the best gaming communities around.
ArtiseXplosion: Not just on CS, albeit it is an old game. But on other games.
ArtiseXplosion: But CS is what made that community, so it should be always on the first place.
Maverick: hope they do
ArtiseXplosion: And they have many of nice, funny and responsible dude.
ArtiseXplosion: dudes*
Maverick: looks like serbian communities of cs are way bigger than ours
ArtiseXplosion: Well, we should rely on communities as it's the best option to keep your server alive.
ArtiseXplosion: I'll post that suggestion as the topic. We better be sure that everone should participate in it.
Maverick: Okay I will send email to everyone that is registered on the forum a private message
Maverick: about it
Maverick: you can point ppl in the server to your topic
ArtiseXplosion: Once it's done, I will have a talk with their owners.
Maverick: yea and tell what are their requaraments
Maverick: :)
Maverick: in your topic that you would make
ArtiseXplosion: Since they know me, there are good chances of joining in.
Maverick: make your topic and lets everyone participate in it and if receiption is good we will move forward
ArtiseXplosion: I'm on it.
Maverick: and if needed I will speak with them as well
ArtiseXplosion: There, I've posted it.
Maverick: ☺
ArtiseXplosion: Since I'm member of the community, I can explain you everything about it.
ArtiseXplosion: If you want to talk with the owner, I may appoint the meeting at the Teamspeak.
ArtiseXplosion: Clarion has it it's rooms too.
Maverick: I think chat would be okay too
Maverick: but lets see how everyone would react first
ArtiseXplosion: Sure enough.
ArtiseXplosion is now Online.
ArtiseXplosion: What'ya say about current situation? I'm not so happy with these neutral thoughts.
ArtiseXplosion is now Offline.
Maverick: it normal and that is to be expected
ArtiseXplosion is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
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ArtiseXplosion: Alright. I guess it should stay as it is.
Maverick: dont make your conclusion yet, also being like that does not mean it is better
Maverick: I genuanly think it is great idea we can grow and benefit much more than we regrets
ArtiseXplosion: It's just that I want for others to be happy. We may lose some of players if we forcefully join the community.
Maverick: here is the tricky part
Maverick: you have to give players what they want to be happy
Maverick: but they don't know yet what that is
Maverick: hope that make sence to you
Maverick: it like what Jobs said you have to give ppl what they wanna buy
Maverick: but they don't know whats is that
ArtiseXplosion: Yeah, you're right.
ArtiseXplosion: Alrighty, if we don't get any strong disapprovals, we are getting in?
Maverick: well it would be ongoing process
Maverick: in the mean time you can speak what are the Clarion requarements
Maverick: so we can have a real thing to show others
ArtiseXplosion: Sure enough, I'll contact the owner "Sole".
Maverick: what is going to be like
Maverick: update us with them in the topic
ArtiseXplosion: Well, I gotta check first if he's gonna accept us, lol.
Maverick: kek
Maverick: no worries
Maverick: I think it would be no brainer for him
Maverick: you can point him the forum or to me if he wants
ArtiseXplosion: I've sent the PM to him.
ArtiseXplosion: We'll get the answer as soon as he logs in.
Maverick: okay
ArtiseXplosion: Judging by statistics on forum, he's read the message, but haven't sent anything yet. Might be considering that.
Maverick: why wouldn't he that is like free cookie
Maverick: maybe he is reading the topic on our forum right now :D
ArtiseXplosion: Alright, this is his first condition that he sent to us before considering>
ArtiseXplosion: We'll have to make accounts there and probably disband our forum if we are going to be accepted
ArtiseXplosion: We shouldn't lead our server outside the Clarion's forum.
ArtiseXplosion: So, pretty much - we have to discuss everything about server in the Clarion's one.
Maverick: oow
Maverick: well thats sucks
ArtiseXplosion: Clarion's forum is very fine.
Maverick: no doubt abou that
ArtiseXplosion: You are free to speak English anywhere if needed.
ArtiseXplosion: So, if we are going in
ArtiseXplosion: I would ask you and Nojarq at the start to create the accounts
ArtiseXplosion: And send the PM with approval to the condition.
Maverick: I see
ArtiseXplosion: After that, if Sole (and others in charge) accepts us, we should invite our admins to join in the communitz.
ArtiseXplosion: Otherwise, by the rule, we have to remove admins if they do not enter in
ArtiseXplosion: Yeah, it does hurt for a start. But that may be the new beggining and wind in the air.
ArtiseXplosion: wind behind the back* lol
Maverick: so pretty much we have to stop using our forum
ArtiseXplosion: Precisely.
Maverick: otherwise we will be kicked out
ArtiseXplosion: Yeah, they won't let us inside.
ArtiseXplosion: It's kinda understandable, so, if we're gonna do it, it's not gonna hurt muc.
ArtiseXplosion: h.
Maverick: yes it is
ArtiseXplosion: Alright. I need you, Nojarq and eventually Saad to create accounts for the start.
Maverick: got that
ArtiseXplosion: The admin group at the Clarion consists with: Head Admin (that would be you and eventually Nojarq), Help Head Admin (might be Nojarq if not HA, and you can count me in so I can help with the Serbian ones)
ArtiseXplosion: And Saad too.
ArtiseXplosion: Admin Leaders are in there too.
ArtiseXplosion: And ordinary admins.
Maverick: if we will do if eventually we decide to move forward this deal
Maverick: seems quite early, slow a little bit down buddy :D
Maverick: I think slow
ArtiseXplosion: No problem, we'll start when ya ready.
ArtiseXplosion: It got me excited, just think about the server.
Maverick: how about you post or form all his things in one list to be more clear what no what yes
Maverick: thank oyu
ArtiseXplosion: It's predictable what will the next steps be.
ArtiseXplosion: I'll create rooms on forum once they open up for ous.
ArtiseXplosion: us*
ArtiseXplosion: Both Serbian and English.
ArtiseXplosion: And all of our admins have to create accounts on Clarion's forum and start checking it.
ArtiseXplosion: Once we post something, of course.
ArtiseXplosion: Seems like it's almost guaranteed that we are in.
ArtiseXplosion: I just need you three to confirm that.
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