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Last active Dec 15, 2015
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mkdir ~/tmp_working_dir
cd ~/tmp_working_dir
git init full_smalte
cd full_smalte
all_subs="installer framework module.sample tests theme.backoffice theme.frontoffice"
# part 1 : import all
# Six branch doomed to die
for i in $all_subs; do
git remote add "${i/./-}"_origin$i.git
git fetch --all
git checkout -b megamerge
# part 2 : one branch to govern them all
for i in $all_subs; do
# get theses datas
git merge ${i/./-}
# move them to the correct dir (can be improved)
mkdir ../${i/./-}
mv * ../${i/./-}/
mv ../${i/./-} ./
# this will handle all git add and git rm
git add .
git commit --m "imported $i"
git commit --allow-empty -m "all submodules imported into main repository"
# now removing old references
for i in $all_subs; do
git remote rm "${i/./-}"_origin
git remote add origin
git push origin new_develop

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@Asenar Asenar commented Mar 26, 2013


  1. normalement le "." dans le nom ça doit fonctionner pour le nom des branches, mais c'est à vérifier
  2. git add . j'ai un doute, à vérifier aussi
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