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draft to handle error and ignore mysql deprecated error
define('DEBUG', true); // true = enable debug mode
define('DEBUG_ALLOW_ERRORS', false); // false = break on every notice/warning/error(throw exception)
// set_exception_handler(array('Kohana_Exception', 'handler'));
function error_handler($code, $error, $file = NULL, $line = NULL){
if (error_reporting() & $code)
if (in_array($code, array(512, 8192)) && preg_match('#mysql_connect#', $error) ){
return true; // return true to skip default error handler
throw new ErrorException($error, $code, 0, $file, $line);
if (function_exists('error'))
error($error.' in file "'.$file.'", line '.$line.' [errorCode '.$code.']');
return false; // return false to use default error handler
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