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React Native dimensions are unitless & represent density-independent pixels (abstract pixels, representing a physical distance on the device)

Density-independent pixel (dp)

WARNING: DP (or DiP) not DPI

DP units keep _things roughly the same physical size


[PROOF OF CONCEPT] For when you want "tabbable" children (e.g. in Date selector composed of a textfield for Day, Month and year) but only want to perform validation on blur-entire-component not each Textfield

class BlurCapturer extends React.Component {
    static propTypes = {
        name: PropTypes.string.isRequired,
        onBlur: PropTypes.func,
        children: PropTypes.node,

ag -u -Q "autoprefixer({" .


Creation, Props & Self

  • just a record
  • need a make function
  • creates new component every JSX invocation
  • props = labeled arguments make, last prop must be chilren

Props Forwarding


Language basics

let binding

let is just an expression and akin to a function!

let greeting = hello
let greeting = "hi"; /* shadowed */
let scoped = {
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# 1. Place this file one level above the project folder
# 2. git bisect start <badSHA> <goodSHA>
# 3. chmod +x ../
# 4. git bisect run ../
rm -r .out
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While such costs might be negligable for cold code, in the sort code comparator was invocated millions of times which made overheads of arguments adaptation quite pronounced.
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
notify "kk."
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// Jests dont write to file in chron order, prefix with number helps
let count = 0;
const label = (tmpl, ...val) => {
return `${
count++ // eslint-disable-line
}. ${
tmpl.reduce((p, c) => p + c + (val.length ? val.pop() : ''), '')
View createNumberFormatFromNumberToLocalString.js
// The following must be executed in browser, and can be pasted into
// WHY?
// 1. Browser support is a bit spotty
// 2. Testing with node framework made harder as node doesn't come with internationalistion (full-icu) data by default
// 3. Int shim is ~56Kb This is ~7kb
var getNumberFormatFromIso2 = (iso) => {
let thousandsSeparatorSymbol;