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Blues Buildings:


TurretKilled Lane Position
Turret_T2_L_03_A Top Outer
Turret_T2_C_05_A Mid Outer
Turret_T2_R_03_A Bot Outer
Turret_T2_L_02_A Top Inner
Turret_T2_C_04_A Mid Inner
Turret_T2_R_02_A Bot Inner
Turret_T2_L_01_A Top Inhib
Turret_T2_C_03_A Mid Inhib
Turret_T2_R_01_A Bot Inhib
Turret_T2_C_02_A Top Nexus
Turret_T2_C_01_A Bot Nexus


InhibKilled Lane
Barracks_T2_L1 Top
Barracks_T2_C1 Mid
Barracks_T2_R1 Bot

Reds Buildings


TurretKilled Lane Position
Turret_T1_L_03_A Top Outer
Turret_T1_C_05_A Mid Outer
Turret_T1_R_03_A Bot Outer
Turret_T1_L_02_A Top Inner
Turret_T1_C_04_A Mid Inner
Turret_T1_R_02_A Bot Inner
Turret_T1_L_01_A Top Inhib
Turret_T1_C_03_A Mid Inhib
Turret_T1_R_01_A Bot Inhib
Turret_T1_C_02_A Top Nexus
Turret_T1_C_01_A Bot Nexus


InhibKilled Lane
Barracks_T1_L1 Top
Barracks_T1_C1 Mid
Barracks_T1_R1 Bot
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