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EventName Additional Info Example JSON
GameStart Always first event { "EventID": 0, "EventName": "GameStart", "EventTime": 0.048362601548433307}
MinionsSpawning { "EventID": 1, "EventName": "MinionsSpawning", "EventTime": 65.05070495605469}
TurretKilled Turret death with same EventTime as FirstBrick is the first turret killed in the game. { "Assisters": [], "EventID": 2, "EventName": "TurretKilled", "EventTime": 197.9544677734375, "KillerName": "NeoThermic", "TurretKilled": "Turret_T2_L_03_A"}
FirstBrick Name for killing first turret. EventTime shared with a TurretKilled event { "EventID": 3, "EventName": "FirstBrick", "EventTime": 197.9544677734375, "KillerName": "NeoThermic"}
DragonKill Has a key of DragonType, can be: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Elder. If stolen, Stolen is "True" { "Assisters": [], "DragonType": "Earth", "EventID": 4, "EventName": "DragonKill", "EventTime": 224.0839080810547, "KillerName": "NeoThermic", "Stolen": "False"}
ChampionKill KillerName is who did the killing, VictimName is who died and is now receving question mark pings { "Assisters": [], "EventID": 8, "EventName": "ChampionKill", "EventTime": 360.519775390625, "KillerName": "NeoThermic", "VictimName": "Tristana Bot"}
FirstBlood This event shares the EventTime with a ChampionKill so you can track it back to who died for it. This event only tracks who got the first kill. { "EventID": 9, "EventName": "FirstBlood", "EventTime": 360.519775390625, "Recipient": "NeoThermic"}
HeraldKill When someone takes Herald. Has a killer and Stolen values. { "Assisters": [], "EventID": 18, "EventName": "HeraldKill", "EventTime": 898.7660522460938, "KillerName": "NeoThermic", "Stolen": "False"}
InhibKilled No special notes, other than the naming scheme is simpler: Barracks_TX_LY, where X is the team number (1 or 2), and L is the lane number (1 for top, 2 for mid, 3 for bot) { "Assisters": [], "EventID": 28, "EventName": "InhibKilled", "EventTime": 1341.0069580078126, "InhibKilled": "Barracks_T2_L1", "KillerName": "Minion_T100L2S41N0261"}
GameEnd Game over man, game over!. Has a Result key that contains "Win" and one assumes it can contain "Lose", but we never lose, so no idea. ;) { "EventID": 32, "EventName": "GameEnd", "EventTime": 1382.00537109375, "Result": "Win"}
Multikill KillStreak has the count of the kills in the multikill { "EventID": 10, "EventName": "Multikill", "EventTime": 78.6976547241211, "KillStreak": 2, "KillerName": "NeoThermic" }
Ace AcingTeam contains either CHAOS or ORDER, and the person landing the final blow is in Acer { "Acer": "NeoThermic", "AcingTeam": "ORDER", "EventID": 57, "EventName": "Ace", "EventTime": 391.8702392578125 }

Each event has an incrementing EventID, so for parsing latest events keep track of which eventIDs you've seen and process those who have a greater ID :)

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