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export default class MasterComponent extends React.Component<MasterComponentProps, MasterComponentState> {
this._childSelect = this._childSelect.bind(this);
this.state= {
stateprop1 : null,
stateprop2 : true
public componentWillMount()
* Get the value from the child control
* @param item
private _childSelect(item : any)
selectObj : item
public render(): React.ReactElement<MasterComponentProps> {
return (
<div className="ms-Grid" dir="ltr">
<div className="ms-Grid-row">
<div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm12 ms-md12 ms-lg12">
{/* This is a child control. Pass properties and get output values*/}
<ChildComponent context={this.props.context} childoutput={this._childSelect}> </ChildComponent>
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