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AskAlice/config.yml Secret

Created Jan 23, 2013
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Config Default
#Commands to run once the player has confirmed.
#Additionally, you can add permissions or move a player to a permissions group using GroupManager's Commands
#Look it up on the Essentials wiki
- /tp $p 0 64 0
- /gamemode creative $p
#Message shown to server when a player confirms
# welcomeMessage: $p has registered!
welcomeMessage: $p has registered!
#HTTP Request sent that determines weather to confirm the player or not.
#$p is the player's name, $k is the secret key that they enter
#Make sure this is working before you allow users to use the plugin.
#Anything in the text except the word "confirmed" will make it return false, and it won't run the commands.
#You need to have the protocol (http://)
#Players who have confirmed
# Default is an empty list.
- BV1
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