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Intel Colfax Cluster - Notes - Index Page

Here are some notes and experiments relating to the Deep Dive Series. See also the indepth documentation at the Colfax Cluster Get Started Page.

  • At the time of writing this (Aug 2017), I only have visibility to a cluster of Knights Landing Cluster nodes - with Xeon Phi 7210 host processors with no coprocessors.
  • From what I gather, it is likely as we move towards 2018, we may have Knights Mill coprocessors attached to these Xeon Phi Knights Landing host processors.
  • Due to lack of visibility of coprocessors at this point, we may find some of the coprocessors related exercises not applicable (e.g. offloading some codes from Xeon Phi host to its coprocessors). It may however still worth watching the videos for these parts to get a feel how we may achieve parallelization with offloading.

Sesson 01 - Intel Architecture and Modern Code

Sesson 02 - Xeon Phi, Coprocessors, Omni-Path

External Links for info:

Sesson 03 - Expressing Parallelism with Vectors

External Links for info:

Sesson 04 - Multi-threading with OpenMP

Sesson 05 - Distributed Computing, MPI

External Links for info:

Sesson 06 - Optimization Overview: N-body

Sesson 07 - Scalar Tuning , Vectorization

  • more to add here...

Sesson 08 - Common Multi-threading Problems

  • more to add here...

Sesson 09 - Multi-Threading, Memory Aspect

  • more to add here...

Sesson 10 - Access o Caches and Memory

  • more to add here...

Certificate of completion:

Colfax HPC Certification - Fundamental

Deep Learning


Intel Colfax Cluster - Notes - Index Page

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