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Differences between old and new Derpibooru APIs

Single image

Old route:
New route:

  • New API's response is wrapped in image:{} object
  • original_formatformat
  • file_namename
  • imageview_url
  • Removed is_optimized
  • Removed is_rendered
  • Added processed (bool)
  • Added thumbnails_generated (bool)
  • Added wilson_score (double)
  • Changed tags from string to string[]
  • Changed date format from 2012-07-15T04:32:31.000Z to 2012-07-15T04:32:31, removing miliseconds and timezone
  • Image URLs now start with proper https:// protocol instead of //

Search results

Old route:
New route:

  • search => images
  • Image objects within images follow single-image changes
  • Removed total
  • For random image, &sf=random instead of &random_image=y. Returns a whole list of images instead of an image ID.
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