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Last active Jan 24, 2018

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Continuations in Node
const { createNamespace } = require('continuation-local-storage')
const createUUID = require('uuid/v1')
// Application
const logger = require('./logger')
const performSomeProcessing = require('./processing')
// Establish a new storage area for the continuation
const context = createNamespace('context')
function ingestMessageFromKafka(message) {
context.set('uuid', `O-${createUUID()}`)
// The logger automatically tags the message with the UUID"Doing something with the offer")
// Methods called inside this method will also be aware of the context,
// but the context is scoped within the call stack (this applies to async
// callbacks, too)
}, { type: "offer", id: 432 })
// Outputs:
// [info] [O-10726890-00a4-11e8-a730-1143f88b51b3] Doing something with the offer
// [info] [O-10726890-00a4-11e8-a730-1143f88b51b3] Performing some processing
const { getNamespace } = require('continuation-local-storage')
function formatTags(...tags) {
return => `[${tag}]`).join(' ')
module.exports = {
device: console,
info(...args) {
const uuid = getNamespace('context').get('uuid')
const tags = ['info', uuid]
this.device.log(formatTags(...tags), ...args)
const logger = require('./logger')
module.exports = function() {
// Will still be tagged with the context, even though this file knows nothing about the tags"Performing some processing")
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