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Last active December 16, 2022 04:39
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Lean and Mean runas TrustedInstaller / System compact snippet to easily integrate in your batch scripts
@echo off& title RunAsTI - lean and mean snippet by AveYo, 2018-2022
goto :nfo
- innovative HKCU load, no need for reg load / unload ping-pong; programs get the user profile
- sets ownership privileges, high priority, and explorer support; get System if TI unavailable
- accepts special characters in paths for which default run as administrator fails
- adds Send to - RunAsTI right-click menu entry to launch files and folders as TI via explorer
- First copy-paste RunAsTI snippet after .bat script content
- Then call it anywhere to launch programs with arguments as TI
call :RunAsTI regedit
call :RunAsTI powershell -noprofile -nologo -noexit -c [environment]::Commandline
call :RunAsTI cmd /k "whoami /all & color e0"
call :RunAsTI "C:\System Volume Information"
- Or just relaunch the script once if not already running as TI:
whoami /user | findstr /i /c:S-1-5-18 >nul || ( call :RunAsTI "%~f0" %* & exit /b )
2022.01.28: workaround for 11 release (22000) hindering explorer as TI; fix 7 args
:: .bat script content ::
:: [optional] add Send to - RunAsTI right-click menu entry to launch files and folders as TI via explorer
set "0=%~f0"& powershell -nop -c iex(([io.file]::ReadAllText($env:0)-split':SendTo\:.*')[1])& goto :SendTo:
$SendTo=[Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')+'\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\RunAsTI.bat'; $enc=[Text.Encoding]::UTF8
if ($env:0 -ne $SendTo) {[IO.File]::WriteAllLines($SendTo, [io.file]::ReadAllLines($env:0,$enc))}
:: call RunAsTI snippet with default commandline args - if none provided, defaults to opening This PC as TI
call :RunAsTI %*
echo args: %*
::timeout /t 7
:: done
exit /b
:: .bat script content end - copy-paste RunAsTI snippet ::
#:RunAsTI snippet to run as TI/System, with innovative HKCU load, ownership privileges, high priority, and explorer support
set ^ #=& set "0=%~f0"& set 1=%*& powershell -c iex(([io.file]::ReadAllText($env:0)-split'#\:RunAsTI .*')[1])& exit /b
function RunAsTI ($cmd,$arg) { $id='RunAsTI'; $key="Registry::HKU\$(((whoami /user)-split' ')[-1])\Volatile Environment"; $code=@'
$I=[int32]; $M=$I.module.gettype("System.Runtime.Interop`Services.Mar`shal"); $P=$I.module.gettype("System.Int`Ptr"); $S=[string]
$D=@(); $T=@(); $DM=[AppDomain]::CurrentDomain."DefineDynami`cAssembly"(1,1)."DefineDynami`cModule"(1); $Z=[uintptr]::size
0..5|% {$D += $DM."Defin`eType"("AveYo_$_",1179913,[ValueType])}; $D += [uintptr]; 4..6|% {$D += $D[$_]."MakeByR`efType"()}
$F='kernel','advapi','advapi', ($S,$S,$I,$I,$I,$I,$I,$S,$D[7],$D[8]), ([uintptr],$S,$I,$I,$D[9]),([uintptr],$S,$I,$I,[byte[]],$I)
0..2|% {$9=$D[0]."DefinePInvok`eMethod"(('CreateProcess','RegOpenKeyEx','RegSetValueEx')[$_],$F[$_]+'32',8214,1,$S,$F[$_+3],1,4)}
1..5|% {$k=$_; $n=1; $DF[$_-1]|% {$9=$D[$k]."Defin`eField"('f' + $n++, $_, 6)}}; 0..5|% {$T += $D[$_]."Creat`eType"()}
0..5|% {nv "A$_" ([Activator]::CreateInstance($T[$_])) -fo}; function F ($1,$2) {$T[0]."G`etMethod"($1).invoke(0,$2)}
$TI=(whoami /groups)-like'*1-16-16384*'; $As=0; if(!$cmd) {$cmd='control';$arg='admintools'}; if ($cmd-eq'This PC'){$cmd='file:'}
if (!$TI) {'TrustedInstaller','lsass','winlogon'|% {if (!$As) {$9=sc.exe start $_; $As=@(get-process -name $_ -ea 0|% {$_})[0]}}
function M ($1,$2,$3) {$M."G`etMethod"($1,[type[]]$2).invoke(0,$3)}; $H=@(); $Z,(4*$Z+16)|% {$H += M "AllocHG`lobal" $I $_}
M "WriteInt`Ptr" ($P,$P) ($H[0],$As.Handle); $A1.f1=131072; $A1.f2=$Z; $A1.f3=$H[0]; $A2.f1=1; $A2.f2=1; $A2.f3=1; $A2.f4=1
$A2.f6=$A1; $A3.f1=10*$Z+32; $A4.f1=$A3; $A4.f2=$H[1]; M "StructureTo`Ptr" ($D[2],$P,[boolean]) (($A2 -as $D[2]),$A4.f2,$false)
$Run=@($null, "powershell -win 1 -nop -c iex `$env:R; # $id", 0, 0, 0, 0x0E080600, 0, $null, ($A4 -as $T[4]), ($A5 -as $T[5]))
F 'CreateProcess' $Run; return}; $env:R=''; rp $key $id -force; $priv=[diagnostics.process]."GetM`ember"('SetPrivilege',42)[0]
'SeSecurityPrivilege','SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege','SeBackupPrivilege','SeRestorePrivilege' |% {$priv.Invoke($null, @("$_",2))}
$HKU=[uintptr][uint32]2147483651; $NT='S-1-5-18'; $reg=($HKU,$NT,8,2,($HKU -as $D[9])); F 'RegOpenKeyEx' $reg; $LNK=$reg[4]
function L ($1,$2,$3) {sp 'HKLM:\Software\Classes\AppID\{CDCBCFCA-3CDC-436f-A4E2-0E02075250C2}' 'RunAs' $3 -force -ea 0
$b=[Text.Encoding]::Unicode.GetBytes("\Registry\User\$1"); F 'RegSetValueEx' @($2,'SymbolicLinkValue',0,6,[byte[]]$b,$b.Length)}
function Q {[int](gwmi win32_process -filter 'name="explorer.exe"'|?{$_.getownersid().sid-eq$NT}|select -last 1).ProcessId}
$11bug=($((gwmi Win32_OperatingSystem).BuildNumber)-eq'22000')-AND(($cmd-eq'file:')-OR(test-path -lit $cmd -PathType Container))
if ($11bug) {'System.Windows.Forms','Microsoft.VisualBasic' |% {[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("'$_")}}
if ($11bug) {$path=$path='^(l)'+$($cmd -replace '([\+\^\%\~\(\)\[\]])','{$1}')+'{ENTER}'; $cmd='control.exe'; $arg='admintools'}
L ($key-split'\\')[1] $LNK ''; $R=[diagnostics.process]::start($cmd,$arg); if ($R) {$R.PriorityClass='High'; $R.WaitForExit()}
if ($11bug) {$w=0; do {if($w-gt40){break}; sleep -mi 250;$w++} until (Q); [Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction]::AppActivate($(Q))}
if ($11bug) {[Windows.Forms.SendKeys]::SendWait($path)}; do {sleep 7} while(Q); L '.Default' $LNK 'Interactive User'
'@; $V='';'cmd','arg','id','key'|%{$V+="`n`$$_='$($(gv $_ -val)-replace"'","''")';"}; sp $key $id $($V,$code) -type 7 -force -ea 0
start powershell -args "-win 1 -nop -c `n$V `$env:R=(gi `$key -ea 0).getvalue(`$id)-join''; iex `$env:R" -verb runas
}; $A=$env:1-split'"([^"]+)"|([^ ]+)',2|%{$_.Trim(' "')}; RunAsTI $A[1] $A[2]; #:RunAsTI lean & mean snippet by AveYo, 2022.01.28
* text=auto
* eol=crlf
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