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Last active Jun 2, 2016
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Testing AsyncHttpClient with Robolectric
public class AsyncTester {
protected static final int HTTP_OK = 200;
protected ApiCallback mCallback;
private ProtocolVersion mHttpVersion;
protected AsyncHttpClient mHttpClient = new AsyncHttpClient();
public void setUp() {
BlockingQueue<Runnable> queue = new SynchronousQueue<Runnable>();
TestExecutorService pool = new TestExecutorService(10, 10, 10, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, queue);
mHttpVersion = new ProtocolVersion("HTTP", 1, 1);
* Mock a pending response.
* @param url
* @param response the response to return, when the request is done.
protected void addPendingResponse(String url, String response) {
HttpResponse successResponse = new BasicHttpResponse(mHttpVersion, 200, response);
Robolectric.addHttpResponseRule(absoluteUrl, successResponse);
* Mock a pending response. {@code ApiMock.mockSuccess()} is returned as a
* response.
* @param url
protected void addPendingResponse(String url) {
addPendingResponse(url, ApiMock.mockSuccess());
public class TestExecutorService extends ThreadPoolExecutor {
public TestExecutorService(int corePoolSize, int maximumPoolSize, long keepAliveTime, TimeUnit unit,
BlockingQueue<Runnable> workQueue) {
super(corePoolSize, maximumPoolSize, keepAliveTime, unit, workQueue);
public Future<?> submit(Runnable runnable) {
FutureTask futureTask = new FutureTask(runnable, null);;
return futureTask;
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