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Created July 25, 2013 16:25
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Update the tax status of all WooCommerce products.
UPDATE `wp_postmeta`
SET meta_value='taxable'
WHERE meta_key='_tax_status'
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rrrhys commented Oct 11, 2016


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yratof commented Oct 26, 2016

"Does this work multilingual?" – yes it does, everything in the database is based on american english.

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japick commented Nov 14, 2016

Nice one!

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Hi there, where do I actually paste this coding to get it to work?!

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JoeyKhd commented Jun 8, 2017

Thanks for sharing!

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c9dd commented Sep 5, 2017


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Thanks great idea

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Exceptional! Thanks, BFTrick.

I paired this with the following quick tutorial about executing the code since I wasn't 100% confident:

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You are a legend mate...

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My Hero!

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zhex900 commented Sep 20, 2018

Works like magic. Thanks!

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tecgal commented Oct 5, 2018

It took a second ... absolutely pure gold. Thank you!

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Thank you!! This helped me a lot and saved me so much time. I am grateful <3

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toniodz commented Feb 6, 2019

useful, thanks

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Saved me a lot of time. Thank you!

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Thanks. Still working as of now.

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This helped me thank you!

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Thanks, you have saved me a lot of work

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how i am supposed to run this?

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Kral adamsın :)

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Deimz commented Aug 26, 2020

This looks like SQL, so you should run it in phpmyadmin or in you mysql console :)

Thanks bro !

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Thanks for this query, flipped all rows in wp_wc_product_meta_lookup to taxable but the products kept saying it wasn't taxable. This query solved my issue, great!

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Thanks! Found easily with a google search...

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Yup same

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Thanks !!!!

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Thanks! Was looking to write this myself and find the columns but 1 search query and google showed me the correct thing.
P.s. for people who are using object cache, the reason it won't add the taxes until you visited the problem is because you have to clean the Cache. This could be Reddis object cache or other caching plugins!

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