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Gregorio Compilation Script via Autohotkey
;Simple Compile Script for Gregorio.
;Tuesday, March 10, 2015
;by Brother Gabriel-Marie
;Just a simple script to compile a gabc file to pdf; easily modifiable to accomodate multiple scripts in multiple directories.
fileencoding, UTF-8
;filename variables - just set the names here - without file extensions
;if you want to compile just a gabc, then set the texname blank (blank being nothing)
;if you want to copile just a tex file, then set the gabcname to blank
gabcname = populussion
texname = main-lualatex
;set to false to run in batch mode without any console; set to true if you need to debug
hideconsole := false
;set cleanup to false to not automatically delete the .aux files and .log files, etc.
cleanup := true
;makes sure our pdf is not already open in Adobe Reader
winclose, %texname%.pdf - Adobe Reader
;compile the gabc file
runwait, gregorio %gabcname%.gabc
;compile the text file to pdf
runwait, lualatex --shell-escape --interaction=batchmode %texname%.tex ,,"hide"
runwait, lualatex --shell-escape %texname%.tex
;open the pdf file
run, %texname%.pdf
;clean up some files we don't need
filedelete *.aux
filedelete *.gaux
filedelete *.log
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