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var perfNow;
var perfNowNames = ['now', 'webkitNow', 'msNow', 'mozNow'];
if(!!w['performance']) for(var i = 0; i < perfNowNames.length; ++i)
var n = perfNowNames[i];
perfNow = function(){return w['performance'][n]()};
perfNow =;
w.perfNow = perfNow;
// Usage

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meowgorithm commented Dec 5, 2012

Note that doesn't exist in IE8, so you may also need to add something along the lines of:

if( {
    perfNow =;
} else {
    perfNow = +(new Date());

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dsamarin commented Jun 1, 2013

+(new Date()) // this is a number
function now() { return +(new Date()); } // this is a function that returns a number
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