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Github suggestion: Per-organization email overrides

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This totally happened, y'all can stop +1ing this now. GitHub Blog post. Direct link to settings where you can set this.

Per-organization / per-repo email overrides - A feature suggestion

Here the concepts "organization" and "user" are interchangeable, I'm talking about an entity that owns a repo, whether it is jQuery or John Resig. I'll stick to using organization as it best represents my original use-case.


I want to get notifications from my work organization in my work email account, not my personal one. Github should provide an interface for this that isn't "setup forwarding in your personal email".

The Situation

I use Github for personal projects and as part of a work organization. Currently Github sends all my notifications into a single inbox - my personal one.

The Problem

I don't want everything to go to my personal email. I want notifications on my work projects to go to my work email and notifications on my personal projects to go to my personal email. Optionally repeat for any other hypothetical organization I might be a member of / user or repo I interact with.

The Workaround

I can setup forwarding rules in my personal email based off the List-ID header (As told to the masses in this blog post, under "Filter Notifications by Repository or User" but this feels clunky, as though it should be managed as part of Github.

The Solution

Create an option that allows me to override the email that my notifications should be sent to on a per organization / repo basis.

Github already knows what organization and repo a notification relates to as it sets the List-ID header, changing the from header based off these details that are already exposed should be pretty simple. I already specify the emails addresses I use at Perhaps an option on there for "receives notifications from: default | organization | organization/repo". Later per-email address notification settings could be added on


Huge +1 emblazoned in fire

BTW I submitted a support request pointing at this gist, got this response 2012-03-17

From: Tekkub (GitHub Staff)
Subject: [Contact] per org and per repo email notificatin preferences
Thanks for the feedback. I've added your suggestion to the Feature Request List™ for the team to see.

Please oh please.

pretty please, github team

I've got a raging +1 for this.

This. A Thousand times, This.


I've wanted this many, many times.

+1. I've asked for this before & would love to have it.

+1 Need this badly.

+1 for unsubscribing to new comments on a gist you previously commented on, AMIRIGHT?

@blowmage, hell yes :beer:

The irony is, @blowmage's comment is just gas on the fire.

@blowmage Here's how to unsubscribe from comments on a gist:

@fromonesrc That turns off ALL gist notifications. When there's comments on a commit, there's a link that says "turn off notifications for this commit". That's what we want for gists.

+1, at very least per-organisation settings

I just want to be able to disable all emails from a particular Organization that I am in.

Is anyone from @github aware of this Feature Request?

And we really need a way to unfollow comments on individual gists.

@marijn see my comment on March 21. But no harm in submitting a support request yourself...

Now, how do I unsubscribe from this?

To unsubscribe:
un-tick "comments in gists after me"

Again, as has been said before on this page, that turns of ALL of them. We need a way to turn them off for just this gist, like you can for commits.

+1 from me and 50+ Zendesk engineers

I don't know if I can take the irony of every update to this thread anymore.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Dustin Senos <



Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub:

People who belong to organizations do things, not organizations. 

@github has about one 100 employees. Let's mention them all in here, someone has to think this is worth their time...

@kneath, @holman, @defunkt

@marijn Both the requests for a per-organization/per-repo email override and disabling notifications for an individual gist have already been submitted to GitHub and are in Feature Request List™. I don't have the ticket numbers for them in their Tender instance however.

That said, at the rate GitHub is hiring chances are very good that someone who commented on this gist is going to be hired soon, so we just need to be patient. :)

+1 -- found this via a Google search to see if this is possible.

+1, same comment as akaville -- Googled for this feature and wound up on this page.

+1 -- found this via a Google search to see if this is possible.


Make the puppy happy and implement this.

And we win! See "Per organization email routing" on .

Thanks github!

GitHub released this functionality today. See the blog post about the new notification features, including "Per organization email routing".

You can set your email routing per organization here:

Please stop "+1" commenting on this gist.

GitHub listened and gave us this feature. Now if we could control gist notifications similar to thread notifications... ;)

Now we need a way of setting the email address that's used for the Author and Committer when merging pull requests through the web interface.

+1 on what @cwarden says. We need that.

+1 for @cwarden's suggestion.

Help! How do I unsubscribe do emails about an organisation? (Without leaving the organisation). Blowmage's page wasn't any use - it just has a drop down box with my email address in it - no way to unsubscribe.

Help! How do I unsubscribe do emails about an organisation? (Without leaving the organisation). Blowmage's page wasn't any use - it just has a drop down box with my email address in it - no way to unsubscribe.

I really don't understand why github doesn't have this option

Github has this option now:
Go to Edit your profile -> Emails. Add your organization email and verify it. Go to notification center tab. Select email for the organization.

Just set this up, it works!

Thank you, @createman

Another thank you to @createman.

Awesome! Thanks!

This made me so very happy. Thank you!

now if it only had an option to email no one for certain organizations we're only loosely tied to...(update, this is possible by "unwatching" the repo's, so I guess what I want is the option to not automatically watch an org's repo's...)

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