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nikmartin / A: Secure Sessions Howto
Last active December 19, 2022 03:50
Secure sessions with Node.js, Express.js, and NginX as an SSL Proxy
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Secure sessions are easy, but not very well documented.
Here's a recipe for secure sessions in Node.js when NginX is used as an SSL proxy:
The desired configuration for using NginX as an SSL proxy is to offload SSL processing
and to put a hardened web server in front of your Node.js application, like:
Edit for express 4.X and >: Express no longer uses Connect as its middleware framework, it implements its own now.
neuro-sys / dwmconfig.h
Last active September 27, 2022 15:34
dwm volume control
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* config.h
* ALT + F11 | F12
static const char *upvol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "3+", NULL };
static const char *downvol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "3-", NULL };
static const char *mutevol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "toggle", NULL };
static Key keys[] = {