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<div class="umb-contentpicker umb-editor" ng-controller="Our.Umbraco.EditorThemeColorPickerController">
<p ng-if="colorThemes === 0">
<localize key="themeColorPicker_noThemesCreated">No color themes created</localize>
<ul class="theme-color-picker-themes" ng-if="colorThemes.length > 0">
<!-- How to keep track of the active theme? ng-class=" === ? 'is-default':''" -->
<li class="theme-color-picker-theme edit-view" ng-class="$index === ? 'is-default':''" ng-repeat="theme in colorThemes track by $index">
<button class="btn-select-theme" ng-click="selectTheme($index)" type="button" prevent-default title=""><!-- {{selectThemeTitle}} -->
<div class="theme-wrap" style="background-color:#{{theme.backgroundColor}}">
<p class="theme-color-picker-center-text" style="color:#{{theme.textColor}}">
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