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gem 'motion-cocoapods'
View index.html.erb
<% Category.order(:title).each do |category| %>
<%= link_to category.title, category_products_path( %>
<% end %>
View functions.php
require_once 'markdown.php';
* parses markdown before printing on the page
* you could put this in MarkdownCommentParser::comment
* if you wanted to save off the html
View markup.html
<input type="checkbox">
Is this awesome?
mkdir /app
# Compiling Apache
curl | tar xzf -
cd httpd-2.2.22
./configure --prefix=/app/apache --with-z=/usr/local/zlib --enable-rewrite --enable-so --enable-deflate --enable-expires --enable-headers
make && make install
View complex-line-result.php
'url' => '...',
'title' => '...',
'author' => '...',
'id' => 123 // the new item
View _form.php
<form method="POST">
<div class="field">
<label for="url">URL:</label>
<input type="text" for="url" name="website[url]" value="<?php echo $website->url ?>" />
<div class="field">
<label for="title">Title:</label>
<input type="text" for="title" name="website[title]" value="<?php echo $website->title ?>" />
View deploy.rb
set :user, "USERNAME"
# about the application
set :application, ""
set :port, 2222
# the type and location of the repository
set :scm, :git
set :repository, "."
View models.rb
# product.rb
class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :categorizations
has_many :categories, :through => :categorizations
# category.rb
class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :categorizations
has_many :products, :through => :categorizations
View functions.php
function markdown_filter($data, $post) {
// change this to match your heroku app url
$ch = curl_init('');
curl_setopt_array($ch, array(
// don't print the result when done
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