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" 1) W isn't mapped by default
command! W :w
" 2) force minimun window width
set winwidth=110
" 3) navigate by display lines
noremap j gj
noremap k gk
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module Types
ProjectType = GraphQL::ObjectType.define do
name "Project"
description "a project"
implements GraphQL::Relay::Node.interface
global_id_field :id
field :title, !types.String do
View purchase_product.feature
Feature: purchase product
Scenario: purchase product
Given seller has created a product
When buyer purchases the product
And buyer sends payment
Then seller should receive money
And the product shouldn't be listed
lp -o media="30323 Shipping Label" -o fit-to-page -o landscape -d DYMO_LabelWriter_450_Turbo "./file.pdf"
View first-person.feature
Feature: offer price
Scenario: accept offer price
Given I offer a price of "5.75"
When the price is accepted
Then I should be able to send payment
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gem 'motion-cocoapods'
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<% Category.order(:title).each do |category| %>
<%= link_to category.title, category_products_path( %>
<% end %>
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require_once 'markdown.php';
* parses markdown before printing on the page
* you could put this in MarkdownCommentParser::comment
* if you wanted to save off the html
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<input type="checkbox">
Is this awesome?
mkdir /app
# Compiling Apache
curl | tar xzf -
cd httpd-2.2.22
./configure --prefix=/app/apache --with-z=/usr/local/zlib --enable-rewrite --enable-so --enable-deflate --enable-expires --enable-headers
make && make install