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Behinder /
Created September 19, 2022 22:49
Cut commercials from the video file and join files
#!/usr/bin/env bash
NAZWA="$(basename "$1" | sed 's/\(.*\)\..*/\1/')"
echo "Generating split command\n"
KOMENDA="tr -d '\n' < \"$NAZWA.ffsplit\""
echo $STRING
#echo "ffmpeg -i \"$1\""
eval "ffmpeg -i \"$1\" $STRING"
Behinder / cwseed_parse.php
Created March 19, 2021 18:10
CWSeed EPG generator
View cwseed_parse.php
$jsonfile = "";
$decodedguide = json_decode(file_get_contents($jsonfile),true);
$guidefile = fopen("cwseed.xml","w") or die("Unable to open file");
$tv = new SimpleXMLElement('<tv> </tv>');
$channel = $tv->addChild("channel");
$channel->addChild("display-name","CW SEED");
Behinder / trakt.php
Last active March 12, 2021 14:13
Watch Your TV EPG generator
View trakt.php
* Class for dealing with Trakt API
class Trakt
public $clientid;
public $content_type;
public $apiurl;
public $ch;
Behinder / gist:166bf67259268caa98675c849ecf0395
Created April 18, 2020 15:27
Increment and decrement float in PHP
View gist:166bf67259268caa98675c849ecf0395
function incrementFLoat($float){
echo $float."\n";
$decimal = strlen(strrchr($float, '.')) -1;
$factor = pow(10,$decimal);
$incremented = (($factor * $float) + 1) / $factor;
return $incremented;
function decrementFLoat($float){
// get amount of decimals
Behinder / MergePdfIntoOne
Created May 12, 2017 16:43
Merge all pdf in directory into one
View MergePdfIntoOne
require 'combine_pdf'
pdf =
Dir.glob("*.pdf") do |file|
pdf << CombinePDF.load(file)
end "KukBuk.pdf"
Behinder / Clipboard2Evernote
Created May 12, 2017 16:42
Generate note in Evernote from clipboard when first line is a title
View Clipboard2Evernote
set tekst to (get the clipboard)
set lns to paragraphs of tekst
set bodytekst to ""
set tytul to item 1 of lns
repeat with ln from 2 to length of lns
set linia to item ln of lns
set bodytekst to bodytekst & linia & "
View wynikCDATAperl
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0"
Behinder / emojiTime.php
Last active April 19, 2017 11:04
Converts time or number to its representation in emoji symbols
View emojiTime.php
function convertNumberToEmoji($cyfra)
switch ($cyfra) {
case '0':
return "\u{30}\u{FE0F}\u{20E3}";
case '1':
return "\u{31}\u{FE0F}\u{20E3}";
Behinder / objc:dynamicTitleBarSize.sublime-snippet
Last active August 29, 2015 14:07
Change size dynamically of Title Label ios7
View objc:dynamicTitleBarSize.sublime-snippet
self.title = @"Your TiTle Text";
UILabel* tlabel=[[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0,0, 200, 40)];
tlabel.textColor=[UIColor whiteColor];
tlabel.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Helvetica-Bold" size: 30.0];
tlabel.backgroundColor =[UIColor clearColor];

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