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Working from home

Frank J BelmOn BelmY

Working from home
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BelmY / qo100_multimedia_beacon.grc
Created February 2, 2023 07:15 — forked from daniestevez/qo100_multimedia_beacon.grc
QO-100 multimedia beacon GNU Radio decoder flowgraph
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author: Daniel Estevez
catch_exceptions: 'True'
category: '[GRC Hier Blocks]'
cmake_opt: ''
comment: ''
copyright: ''
description: ''
gen_cmake: 'On'
BelmY /
Created February 20, 2021 04:11 — forked from subfuzion/
GitHub Wiki How-To

How do I clone a GitHub wiki?

Any GitHub wiki can be cloned by appending wiki.git to the repo url, so the clone url for the repo https://myorg/myrepo/ is: (for ssh) or (for https).

You make edits, and commit and push your changes, like any normal repo. This wiki repo is distinct from any clone of the project repo (the repo without wiki.get appended).

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BelmY / SDR4Funatics_free_Books_Courses_01.txt
Created August 12, 2019 01:05
Some interesting books, courses and stuff for real SDR "Funatics"
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Links and info compiled by Belmy (2019)
Credits for abstracts, info and book contents by respective authors
(C) By authors and editors, please, respect their rights
Some links and info to (free) SDR related books, courses and references:
***** Book 1. Software-Defined Radio for Engineers, 2018
Software-Defined Radio for Engineers, by Travis F. Collins, Robin Getz, Di Pu, and Alexander M. Wyglinski, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1-63081-457-1.