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Last active November 11, 2021 07:44
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CrowdSec - Wordpress Login & XML RPC Scenario
type: leaky
format: 2.0
#debug: true
name: belphemur/http-wordpress-login-xmlrpc
description: "Detect attempt to access to wp-login and xmlrpc"
filter: "evt.Meta.log_type == 'http_access-log' && (evt.Parsed.file_name == 'wp-login.php' || evt.Parsed.file_name == 'xmlrpc.php') && evt.Parsed.verb == 'POST'"
groupby: "evt.Meta.source_ip"
#distinct: evt.Parsed.request
capacity: 4
leakspeed: 2m
blackhole: 5m
service: http
type: bruteforce
remediation: true
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