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Created Jun 11, 2018

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webfaction letsencrypt
#To install letsencrypt on webfaction
GEM_HOME=$HOME/.letsencrypt_webfaction/gems RUBYLIB=$GEM_HOME/lib gem2.2 install letsencrypt_webfaction
#Edit $HOME/.bash_profile to add the function below:
function letsencrypt_webfaction {
PATH=$PATH:$GEM_HOME/bin GEM_HOME=$HOME/.letsencrypt_webfaction/gems RUBYLIB=$GEM_HOME/lib ruby2.2 $HOME/.letsencrypt_webfaction/gems/bin/letsencrypt_webfaction $*
#Then run
source $HOME/.bash_profile
#to get it to reload bash_profile
#Then run
letsencrypt_webfaction init
#then edit this file
nano ~/letsencrypt_webfaction.toml
#add domains, add login info, rename cert to something useful, then use letsencrypt staging URL to test first
#then run
letsencrypt_webfaction run
#if successful, change to prod URL
#and go into webfaction->websites to use new cert
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