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Last active Nov 20, 2015

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Install propel2 for laravel 5.1
  1. Create project
composer create-project laravel/laravel test-laravel-5-and-propel2 --prefer-source --dev --stability=dev
  1. Open dir
cd test-laravel-5-and-propel2
  1. Add propel integration package
composer require propel/propel-laravel:dev-develop
  1. Add providers
  1. Publish config
php artisan vendor:publish --provider 'Propel\PropelLaravel\PropelIntegrationServiceProvider'
  1. Create sample schema
php artisan propel:schema:create --sample
  1. Create simple database
mysql -u root
CREATE DATABASE sample_propel2;
  1. Change config
  1. Remove standard migrations
rm -r database/migrations/*
  1. Create new migrations
php artisan propel:migration:diff
  1. Run migrations
php artisan propel:migration:up 
  1. Build a model
php artisan propel:model:build
  1. Test

  2. Update route file ```php Route::get('/', function () {

    $book = new \App\Models\Book(); $book->setTitle('My Heros'); $book->setIsbn('123154');

    $author = new \App\Models\Author(); $author->setFirstName('Hans'); $author->setLastName('Zimmer');

    $publisher = new \App\Models\Publisher(); $publisher->setName('World');

    $book->setPublisher($publisher); $book->setAuthor($author); $book->save();

    return $book->toArray(); }); ```

  3. Start php server Shell php artisan serve

  4. Open url http://localhost:8000/

  5. Enjoy results.

Install debugbar

  1. Install package
composer require barryvdh/laravel-debugbar 
  1. Add provider
  1. Publish config
php artisan vendor:publish --provider ' Barryvdh\Debugbar\ServiceProvider'
  1. Add boot method for AppServiceProvider
$connectionWrapper = \Propel\Runtime\Propel::getServiceContainer()->getConnection();
//$connectionWrapper->setLogMethods(['__construct', 'beginTransaction', 'commit', 'rollBack', 'forceRollBack', 'prepare', 'exec', 'query', '__destruct']);
$traceablePdo = new \DebugBar\DataCollector\PDO\TraceablePDO($connectionWrapper->getWrappedConnection());
$this->app['debugbar']->addCollector(new \DebugBar\DataCollector\PDO\PDOCollector($traceablePdo));

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commented Oct 30, 2015

Installation of propel 2 worked when i set following in composer.json

"minimum-stability": "alpha",
"prefer-stable" : true

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commented Oct 30, 2015

Question regarding debugbar installation. When i add boot method in AppServiceProvider i get following error:

No connection defined for database "default". Did you forget to define a connection or is it wrong written?

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commented Nov 20, 2015

In my case, the boot method of AppServiceProvider (AppServiceProvider::boot) calls before init of propel services, that leads to this error: "No connection defined for database "default"... bla bla bla"

I created a new service provider, registered in config/app.php, and I put code from "Add boot method for AppServiceProvider" into this new provider's boot method. After this, problem disappeared.

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