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What would you like to do?
- everything can either be drawn at position (to position/entity) or at entity (to position/entity)
- everything can have the color changed / be tinted
- everything can be visible to everyone or only to specifc players or forces
- what is drawn on top? "Best" would be to draw the new stuff on top of the old stuff, so if you draw thing1 and then thing2, thing2 is on top of thing1
things that can be drawn
- line, dashed line
* thickness
* dash length
- arc ("bent line" / part of circle) FILLED and UNFILLED
* thickness
* properties to specify shape
- circle FILLED and UNFILLED
* thickness
* properties to specify shape
- polygon FILLED and UNFILLED
-- with shortcuts for rectangle, for triangle?
* thickness
* properties to specify shape
- image / sprite / animation (already partially solved through simple entities)
* scale / size
* file path
* sprite path (in-game icons)
* allow to draw entity sprites? - basically a way to draw for example an assembler without placing one - sounds really complicated and not so useful
- pixel (will be abused?)
- text (already partially solved through flying-text)
* scale with zoom level -> bool
* font size
* font
* allow localized strings
- light
-- some kind of way to "place" a light source - perhaps make it possible to make every shape act like a light

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@Bilka2 Bilka2 commented Jan 3, 2019

Not implemented: pixel, unfilled polygon, animations and the ability to draw entity sprites.

Lights are implemented using sprites.

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