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Geode HARegionQueue Class Diagram
class SequenceID <<design class>>
Long <|-- SequenceID
class Position <<design class>>
Long <|-- Position
class HARegionQueue {
Position tailKey
class DispatchedAndCurrentEvents {
SequenceID lastDispatchedSequenceID
' these are together because I want to highlight the similarity (potential subtype relationship)
together {
' putting this first causes it to be layed out to the right of ThreadIdentifier, making the
' association (line) from Conflatable shorter
class EventID {
byte[] membershipId
long threadId
SequenceID sequenceId
int bucketId
class ThreadIdentifier {
byte[] membershipId
long threadId
interface Conflatable
' these subtypes of Conflatable are grouped together
together {
interface ClientMessage
class HAEventWrapper
class ConflatableObject
Conflatable <|-- HAEventWrapper
Conflatable <|-- ConflatableObject
Conflatable <|-- ClientMessage
interface ClientUpdateMessage
ClientMessage <|-- ClientUpdateMessage
ClientUpdateMessage <|-- ClientUpdateMessageImpl
ClientUpdateMessageImpl <|-- ClientInstantiatorMessage
ClientMessage <|-- ClientMarkerMessageImpl
Conflatable --> EventID
interface RegionQueue
RegionQueue <|-- HARegionQueue
HARegionQueue <|-- BlockingHARegionQueue
BlockingHARegionQueue <|-- DurableHARegionQueue
DistributedRegion <|-- HARegion
' while method signatures in HARegionQueue take Object, there's downcasting to Conflatable
HARegion "*" *-- "0..1 per Position" Conflatable
HARegion "*" *-- "0..1 per ThreadIdentifier" SequenceID
HARegionQueue *-- HARegion
HARegionQueue "1" *-- "0..1 per ThreadIdentifier" DispatchedAndCurrentEvents
DispatchedAndCurrentEvents "1" *-- "0..1 per Position" Position
' this hidden assoc changes layout such that cardinality text on SequenceID and Position isn't overlapping as much
ConflatableObject -[hidden]- HARegion
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