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Change your profile photo for all meetup groups

I haven't found a way to set your main profile photo on such that it overrides any old photos you have set in individual groups. This script will do just that — set your group specific profile photo to your main photo for every group you're in.

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to your main profile page:
  2. Ensure you've set your main profile photo to the photo you want to use in all your groups.
  3. Open your browser's developer tools (often F12 on Windows, cmd+opt+i on macOS), copy the following code, paste it in the Console tab, and press enter:
(async function() {
  var imageSrc = document.querySelector('#member-profile-photo img').getAttribute('src')
  var match = /member_(\d+)\./.exec(imageSrc)
  if (!match) {
    console.error(`Couldn't find your photo ID! Are you on ?`)
  var imageId = match[1]

  var groups = new Set()
    .map(el => el.getAttribute('data-chapterid'))

  for (var groupId of [...groups]) {
    console.log(`Changing profile photo for ${groupId}`)
    try {
      await $.post('', {
        method: 'makeGroupProfilePhoto',
        arg_member: '56746842',
        arg_chapter: groupId,
        arg_memberPhotoId: imageId,
    } catch (err) {
      console.error(`Failed to change profile photo for ${groupId}`)


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@jrhalasz jrhalasz commented May 27, 2021

This is super helpful, thank you!
It looks like arg_member: '56746842' is your member number. When I replaced it with my member number it seems to have worked for my user.
Could you retrieve that as a variable from the profile page?

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