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Jarrod Nettles Blackshawk

  • Apple Inc.
  • San Jose, CA
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Blackshawk / blog - Explaining My Choices
Last active Mar 5, 2017
In which I do a little digging about the choices I've made with PHP. This is a long read, but it isn't something that can be explained in one or two paragraphs.
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In the comments from my last post and on Twitter I noticed a lot of people who had something to say about PHP. The comments were varied but they usally sounded something like this (sorry @ipetepete, I picked yours because it was the shortest).

...the little bits of soul from all of us who've had to work on, and or maintain large PHP applications. – ipetepete

In Pete's defense, he did go on to say that rest of the stack I was using was a "smorgasbord of awesome". Thanks, Pete. I agree!

I would, however, like to take a little time to correct a misperception in the developer community about PHP. I recently got into this same... discussion... with Jeff Atwood, and I seem to be running into it more and more. So here goes. Please bear with me as I cover a little history further on.

Pete, and everybody else, _you're exactly rig

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In case you don't know me already, I'm Jarrod Nettles, a Senior Developer at Apple Inc. I also go by the Twitter handle @hayvok, and blackshawk on Github (don't ask me why they're different). I have no real, formal blog since, well, I work at Apple. I'm posting this because I confused a good many people and I feel honor-bound to explain.

On April 1st Hacker News had their "Who's Hiring" thread. Since I'm currently looking for a developer, I decided to go ahead and post. Here's the content of that post, along with a link to the original. - Original HN Post

Apple Inc: Cupertino, CA - Web Developer (PHP, Node.js, Ember.js) - Sorry, no remote!! Relocation offered. (I know, I know...) We're rebuilding an internal app from scratch and it needs to be blazing fast and real-time.
Here's our tech stack (right now).
Blackshawk / blog - Switching to
Created Apr 2, 2013
Switching from Macports to Homebrew and getting my development environment back.
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I've been a MacPorts user for quite awhile now. There was nothing religious about the decision - on my first day of work I was handed a new Macbook Pro and proceeded to set up a development environment. Tried to, anyway. While I'd been an avid Mac user for most of my life I'd never actually used it for serious web development - I did some small work back in the 90's but that was the days of OS9 and it was all un-Unixy. Long story short: I was a newb at developing on OSX.

Being an Ubuntu user, I was pretty spoiled by apt-get. After about three mintues of trying to compile stuff myself I marched back into my boss's office and asked if there was a package manager for OSX. He directed me to the Mac Ports website and I left extremely relieved. I think I ran across Homebrew at some point but I never explored it further.

For about three months this was satisfactory. MacPorts works well enough but it has a habit of annoying you at certain intersections. The biggest problem, though, was that the rest of the wo