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Created January 23, 2021 20:21
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Plotting team logos in Python with matplotlib
import cfbd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.offsetbox import OffsetImage, AnnotationBbox
import pandas as pd
# Grab some stats from the CFBD API
stats = cfbd.StatsApi().get_advanced_team_season_stats(year=2020)
df = pd.DataFrame.from_records([dict(, o_line_yards=s.offense.line_yards, d_line_yards=s.defense.line_yards) for s in stats])
# Need to grab team ids
teams = cfbd.TeamsApi().get_fbs_teams()
teams_df = pd.DataFrame.from_records([dict(, for t in teams])
df = df.merge(teams_df, left_on='team', right_on='school')[['id', 'team', 'o_line_yards', 'd_line_yards']]
# This is the styling I use. Check out other themes here:'fivethirtyeight')
# Graph sizing
plt.rcParams["figure.figsize"] = [20,10]
# You can download logos from here:
# They come in two sizes. Extract them into the root of your script in a 'logos'. There should be no folders nested inside.
def getImage(path):
return OffsetImage(plt.imread("./logos/{0}.png".format(path)))
# Logo file names are <team_id>.png, so we just need ids to map teams to logos.
paths = df['id']
# Picking two random stats to plot
x = df['o_line_yards']
y = df['d_line_yards']
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
ax.scatter(x, y)
# Cycle through each point and add an image annotation
for x0, y0, path in zip(x, y,paths):
ab = AnnotationBbox(getImage(path), (x0, y0), frameon=False)
# Define labels and title
plt.title("Line Yards (2020)")
plt.xlabel('Line yards gained (avg)')
plt.ylabel('Line yards allowed (avg)')
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