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@BobBurns BobBurns/newLeak.asm
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Water flow sensor code for Leaky Faucet project
;new routines for leaky_faucet
;uses adafruit liquid flow meter 828
;flash with avrdude -c avrisp -p m168 -P /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 -b 19200 -U flash:w:newLeak.hex
;*** use int1 for senor interrup PD3 ****
; make sure to check registers before importing into ble program
.equ UBBRvalue = 12
.def temp = r16
.def count = r17
.def flags = r18 ;global flag register to tell if counter over 0xffff
.def byte_tx = r24 ;for serial transmit routine
.def xL = r26 ;x reg used as global counter
.def xH = r27
.def yL = r28
.def yH = r29
.def zL = r30
.def zH = r31
.device atmega168
;---- global variables ----
.equ L_FLG = 2 ;global leak flag
.equ C_FLG = 3 ;counter overflow flag
.org 0
jmp reset
jmp blu_interupt
jmp flow_interrupt
sbr flags,(1 << L_FLG)
;----- Main -----
.org 0x0034
;inittialize Stack
ldi temp,low(RAMEND)
out SPL,temp
ldi temp,high(RAMEND)
out SPH,temp
;initialize USART
ldi temp,high(UBBRvalue) ;baud rate param
sts UBRR0H,temp
ldi temp,low(UBBRvalue)
sts UBRR0L,temp
lds temp,UCSR0A
ori temp,(1 << U2X0) ;set use 2x because %error actual baud > .5
sts UCSR0A,temp
;--- USART register values
ldi temp,(1 << TXEN0) | (1 << RXEN0) ;enable transmit and receive
sts UCSR0B,temp
ldi temp,(1 << UCSZ01) | (1 << UCSZ00) ;8 data bits, 1 stop bit
sts UCSR0C,temp
;---- enable interrupt ----
lds temp,EICRA
sbr temp,(1 << ISC10) ;set INT1 to interrupt on change
sts EICRA,temp
sbi PORTD,PD3 ;set pullup on sensor pin
sbi DDRC,PC5 ;output on LED pin
;---- init timer1 16 bit ----
ldi temp,0x3d ;set compare to 3d0a
sts OCR1AH,temp ;makes timer 1 sec loop
ldi temp,0x0a
sts OCR1AL,temp
lds temp,TCCR1B
sbr temp,(1 << WGM12)
sts TCCR1B,temp ;set WG mode to 4 CTC
;---- event loop ----
start: cbr flags,(1 << L_FLG)
poll: sbrs flags,L_FLG ;its fine if ble int gets called now
rjmp poll
;**** we have change on sensor ***
;**** so now we measure it
;todo: figure out how to handle interrupt on bluetooth RDY_LN
;**** start timer
ldi yL,0x00
ldi yH,0x00 ;clear counter
sbi TIFR1,OCF1A ;set overflow bit to clear it
ldi temp,0x00
sts TCNT1H,temp
sts TCNT1L,temp ;reset timer to 0
lds temp,TCCR1B
sbr temp,(1 << CS11) | (1 << CS10) ;start timer
sts TCCR1B,temp
sbic TIFR1,OCF1A
rjmp t_don
sbis PIND,PD3
rjmp t_lp ;don't increment if sensor hasn't connected (high)
adiw yH:yL,1
brcc no_z
sbr flags,(1 << C_FLG)
rjmp t_lp
no_z: cbr flags,(1 << C_FLG)
cont2: rjmp t_lp
;print and compare flow
.equ thresh = 0x80 ;sets leak zone between 1 - 4fff
t_don: mov byte_tx,yH
rcall transmit
mov byte_tx,yL
rcall transmit
ldi byte_tx,0x20
rcall transmit
sbrc flags,C_FLG ;if flag is set we're over ffff
rjmp no_lk
clc ;make sure carry is clear for cpi
cpi yH,thresh
brsh no_lk ;branch if yH >= thresh
cpi yH,0x00
brne ledon ;more than 0 less than thresh
cpi yL,0x00
brne ledon
;no reading so off
no_lk: cbi PORTC,PC5
ldi byte_tx,0x4e
rcall transmit
rjmp cleanup
ledon: sbi PORTC,PC5
ldi byte_tx,0x4c
rcall transmit ;print L
lds temp,TCCR1B
cbr temp,(1 << CS11) | (1 << CS10) ;turn off counter
rjmp start
;*** Subroutines ***
lds temp,UCSR0A
sbrs temp,UDRE0
rjmp transmit
sts UDR0,r24
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